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The laboratory is equipped with individual seating with an expanded display. Most of the students sit on Ergohuman chairs. A Windows laptop PC is assigned to each student when he/she needs. There are many servers (RTX4090*4, RTX3090*12, etc.) for deep learning that can be accessed from the inside and outside of lab. We are able to provide a comfortable computing and experimental environment because of our relatively ample research funds.

When you join the lab, you will first learn OpenCV, TensorflowxKeras and IoT in brief. Most of research is coded in Python, but even if you have no experience with Python, you will be able to get used to it quickly. In the first few months, you will have to acquire basic knowledge of image processing, AI and IoT before you can start your research. The first research topic will be assigned from the tasks of an ongoing project.

There is a large refrigerator, the department’s most complete sink, microwave, kettle, rice cooker, etc., as well as air conditioning, air purifiers, humidifiers, and color printers. Lab members are free to come and go as they want.

Electronic parts and related books are freely available next to the meeting space. We can quickly get what we need for our research from Amazon. The space will be open to students outside of the laboratory, after the society returns to health.

Lab activity

We want to avoid having too many events, as our primary concern is to ensure substantial research progress.

Weekly meetings

Every Monday and Thursday, you will make a brief progress report on your research work. If you have a problem in your work, please do not wait for the next meeting.

Conference & Journals

We recommend active contributions to journals and international conferences. Basically, we provide full support wherever you go in the world.


Students of our laboratory are expected to work as a TA(teaching assistant) or a RA(research assistant) with part-time job fee.

In many exercise course of CS, the help of TAs (teaching assistant) are important. TAs support the students of the class, and assist teachers on scoring reports. RAs (research assistant) are hired within their research activities. You can kill more than two birds with a stone – you gain money, learn from activities themselves, be evaluated when you quest for a job or apply for scholarship refund exemption.

When you assist other research projects with budged allocated, part-time job fee may be paid. In that case, you have to join an experiment as a subject, make a program, or report the results of the experiment.

Entrance Exam Information

Bachelor’s Course

– Calls for Special Selection for Preferred Applicants
– Calls for General Selection
– Calls for Foreign Students

You can enter the Design Laboratory from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

山梨大学 募集要項

Master’s and Doctor’s Course

First Call (June) and second call (November) for
– Special Selection for Preferred Applicants
– General Selection
– Special Selection for Working Members of Society

You can enter the Design Laboratory from the Computer Science and Engineering Course of the Department of Engineering.

山梨大学 募集要項

For the entrance examination for master’s degree, you must take a written examination (Algorithms + Data Structures and Programming), an oral examination (based on your research plan, etc.), and application documents. You may be exempted from the written exam depending on your qualifications (e.g., Japan Information Technology Engineers Examination) and your academic performance.

Doctoral applicants are evaluated on the basis of oral examination (based on research plans, etc.) and application documents.

Please note that you will be asked to submit your TOEIC score when you take the examination. When writing a research proposal, please consult with the faculty member whom you are going to receive supervision from in advance.

山梨大学大学院 募集要項 > 工学専攻

For the master’s entrance examination, previous questions are also available:

過去問題 > 工学専攻 > コンピュータ理工学コース

It is also common for students to take the graduate school entrance examination after being enrolled in the program for six months to a year as a research student.


Prof. Toyoura will be in charge of providing consultation on the assignment to Design Lab and entrance examinations. >> Inquery