Visual Information Processing HDU-UY-DD-2023
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It will be opened during class time. Please feel free to ask questions in the chat. I will answer in a direct message or give an explanation for all members.


All resources are provided to class participants only. Don’t distribute them to outside parties.
Password for all resources is cvdd.

Slot, day Contents
01 1st, Mar 22 Wed Introduction, Setting up (Chapter 1)
Homework: Setup Moodle, Textbook, OpenCV in your PC.
02 2nd, Apr 4 Tue Handling Files, Cameras, and GUIs (Chapter 2)
Homework: Select one paper, put the title as a comment for Assignment 4.
03 1st, Apr 7 Fri Processing Images with OpenCV (1) (Chapter 3)
04 2nd, Apr 11 Tue Processing Images with OpenCV (2) (Chapter 3)
Assignment 1: Watershed segmentation
05 2nd, Apr 18 Tue Depth Estimation and Segmentation (Chapter 4)
Assignment 2: Monocular depth estimation
06 1st, Apr 21 Fri Detecting and Recognizing Faces (Chapter 5)
07 2nd, Apr 25 Tue Retrieving Images and Searching Using Image Descriptors (Chapter 6)
SIFT Detector (youtube)
SIFT Descriptor (youtube)
08 1st, Apr 28 Fri Building Custom Object Detector (Chapter 7)
HOG Feature Vector Calculation (youtube)
Tracking Objects (Chapter 8)
09 2nd, May 9 Tue Camera Models and Augmented Reality (Chapter 9) (1)
Assignment 3: AR Marker
10 1st, May 12 Fri Assignment 4: Literature review (1)
11 2rd, May 16 Tue Assignment 4: Literature review (2)
12 1st, May 19 Fri Assignment 4: Literature review (3)
Camera Models and Augmented Reality (Chapter 9) (2)
3D Reconstruction and Navigation (Chapter 10)

* 1st: 8:00-10:00, 2nd: 10:10-12:10, 3rd: 13:00-15:00, 4th: 15:10-17:10
(+1:00 in JST, 1st from 9:00-)


You can ask any questions on Slack #vip.
If you have trouble in implementation, ask Teaching Assistant (Prof. Yu Zhengsheng; yuzhengsheng@hdu.edu.cn) at first.



Slack #vip in HDU-UY-DD-2023

Prof. Yu Zhengsheng (TA, yuzhengsheng@hdu.edu.cn)
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